Pureblends Gourmet Dukkah Dipping Set

Pureblends Gourmet Dukkah Dipping Set

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A real treat for Dukkah lovers!

This tasty gift box provides everything you need to enjoy the delights of Dukkah.  Inside you will find:

One bottle of our Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar with Coconut Sugar (150ml).  This rich, stick, sweet caramelised balsamic vinegar is made with organic coconut sugar and raw sugar.  It is delicious drizzled over fruits, salads, cooked meats and fish etc.  Add it to olive oil for a delicious dip with bread and dukkah.

One bottle of our Garlic & Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil (150ml).  We have taken pure Australian extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil and added a beautiful blend of herbs to make this fragrant, delicious oil.  Drizzle it over pasta and salads or simply use it as an extra special dipping oil for bread and Dukkah.

Two packets of Pureblends Dukkah (2 x 60gms).  One is our Dukkah - the original Egyptian blend of seeds and spices and the other is our Almond Dukkah with Sumac and other spices.  Best served in a bowl alongside some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some fluffy white bread – dip the bread in the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and then the Dukkah for an exotic appetizer.  You can also mix Dukkah with oil for a delicious crust for roast lamb, chicken or fish, or simply sprinkle it dry on salads and noodle dishes as a tasty topping.

Delicious, easy to do recipes using these products are also included in this premium gift bag.